Drum Room

Studio 101

Studio 101 is a fully equipped state-of-the-art rehearsal and recording environment for sound development.

Here at Studio 101 we offer modern audio recording, audio mastering and rehearsal environment that is complete with cutting edge, state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff you would come to expect from an industry level recording studio.

Full Service Studio

Alongside our top-tier audio services we also bring a wealth of networking connections and industry memberships to all of our clients. We can help you navigate the modern music environment and assist you along your journey. If you are coming more from a film and sound background we can offer knowledge on best practices for film recording, sound mixing and audio mastering as well.

Music Studio

Located in Melbourne Florida

Established in 2000, Studio 101 quickly became a hub as a Melbourne FL recording studio attracting musicians, bands, producers and studio executives alike who sought a high-end, experienced audio recording expert. As one of Central Florida’s only vetted recording studios for audio and sound development, Studio 101 is honored as a voting member for the Recording Academy and humbled to be invited to the Grammy’s every year.

Place Where People Play Better

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, FL - alongside the beautiful Space Coast, we specialize in audio mixing, audio mastering and sound design. Studio 101 is a “Place Where People Play Better” as we inspire, encourage, and promote the passion of music. Our modest studio offers a unique creative canvas, and a home away from home, to create without interruption or distractions.

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